Student Ministries 411- June 14

Important Information

Summer Youth Series // 6:45 PM in the Sr High Room

We’re excited for this summer’s Wednesday Night series: “Muddy Words”! In this series, different teachers from within the youth department will be tackling words that we often use in church settings, but perhaps not with as much precision as we ought. Words like “God”, “sin”, “worship”, and “discipline” will all be words we discuss this summer, with the hopes of greater clarity around oft-used terms. We encourage all Senior and Junior High students to join us this summer as we walk through these “Muddy Words” together!

Tomorrow night, Dan Kelly will be teaching on our next word in the series “Christian.”

Event Updates

WOL Camp- IMPORTANT Information

We leave for WOL Summer Camp next Saturday night, June 18! We are so excited that your student is coming with us to camp! Here is an overview of some important information you need to know for camp. 

-Camp Check-In is at 10 PM on Saturday night, June 18 in the Sr High Room! We will leave for camp at 11 PM. Parents, please come into the Sr High room if you are able with your student for Check-In to hear a few important announcements before we leave.

-We will return to HBC on Saturday, June 25 around 2 PM but will keep you updated on our arrival time via the Signal group chat. We are planning on only stopping for one meal, but depending on the camp schedule and when we leave from WOL, we might arrive back at HBC a little later.

-If you have not already, please 
download the app Signal and make an account using your phone number. We will be using this app to communicate with you about when our group arrives at camp, when we plan to be back at HBC, and other announcements throughout the week. 

-The deadline to turn in your remaining camp balance is this Monday, June 13. Please reach out if you have any questions about this.

-WOL Camp checks for head lice before anyone is allowed to enter the camp so we will check each student for head lice before we leave HBC when you arrive at registration. If you have been exposed to lice within the past 30 days, please email and make us aware of this. (We do not want your student to not be accepted into camp).

-Bring snacks and spending money for food on the road (two fast-food meals on the way down to camp) and for extra purchases at camp. 

-Bring an additional $20 cash for meals on the way home. We are planning on just stopping for one meal on the way home. However, depending on the camp schedule and when we leave WOL, we might stop for two meals. Just in case we have to stop for two meals, please bring $20 cash. We will collect this at registration and give it back when it is time to go home. Please bring exactly $20 cash for this so it is easy to collect. 

-During camp, the snack shack and the camp store will be open. Should students want to spend money, they are welcome to bring extra money. We typically recommend $25-$50 for the week. 

-DO NOT forget to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and ONE small suitcase or duffel bag. You can access the packing list HERE.

-You MUST bring any medication your student uses with you when you arrive at HBC for registration. Your student is required to turn in any medication they use at the time of registration so that we can give it to WOL when we arrive. This is very important if your student has listed any medications on their WOL health form and needs to take them throughout the week.

-Students are NOT allowed to bring their phones with them to camp. If we need to get in contact with you, leaders will have their phones on them and will reach out to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this information! We are looking forward to WOL Camp with your students!