Student Ministries Parent 411- January 12, 2021

Important Updates

Youth Group this Wednesday in the GYM @7 PM
Starting this Wednesday, we will no longer be meeting in the IP for youth on Wednesday nights, but instead, we will be in the gym. (The only exception is for Worship Nights. On Worship Nights we will be in the Chapel.) Small group rooms are the same, except for 7th and 12th grade. Here is the room list:
7th- GYM
8th- Jr High Room
9th- Awana Room
10th- Sr High Room
11th- Refinery
12th- GYM
You must bring a lawn chair and a mask because we will not have chairs set up in the gym.

This Wednesday night, Pastor Nathan will begin a new four week series called “Faith in _____ World.” This week, we will look at Mark 11:12-25 and will discuss how God values “authenticity over appearances.” In the midst of a world focused on external things, his prayer is that this lesson will drive to the heart of students.

Here are some questions to consider with your family:
-When you hear the word “superficial”, what comes to mind? Why did that word come up?
-Do you think teens crave authenticity…or does social media show a hesitation to authentic relationship and conversation?
-What are the perceived “pros” of shallow relationships? What are the long-term “cons” of superficial relationships?
The Youth Café will be open this Wednesday and January 27th!
Since we will be in the gym for youth group moving forward, the Youth Café will be in the gym kitchen.
For the month of January, bring TWO NEW guests on the SAME night and receive a FREE drink and snack combo for you and for each of your new guests!
Sunday Morning Youth Begins THIS SUNDAY!
Starting this coming Sunday, January 17th, we will have youth every Sunday morning at 10:30 AM. 7th-8th grade will be in the Jr High room and 9th-12th grade will be in the Sr High room. At this time, no registration is required but, depending on space and numbers, this might change.

Event Information

Spring 2021 Calendar
Though our calendar is a bit leaner at this time, we want to encourage you to be involved where you can. Alongside our usual Wednesday and Sunday programming, take special note of Prayer Nights and Senior Nights. These are the community-building, life-binding kinds of activities that we pray will make your spring semester one of sincere growth in Christ. Save these dates, prepare to attend, and let’s as a group strive to grow in Christ together! 
Important Info Regarding Pursuit Camp // Dates: January 29- February 1st

1. At this time, Pursuit Camp is still happening and we are planning on going. If this changes, we will communicate via text and email. WOL desires to keep your student safe at camp and is doing everything they can to adhere to guidelines and keep everyone safe, and we do as well. 
Leading up to camp, please monitor your student’s symptoms and temperature. You are not required to submit any temperatures to our team, but if your student has experienced any of the following or has experienced any Covid-like symptoms leading up to camp, please DO NOT send your student and please let us know as soon as possible. 
-If your student has tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 14 days, a negative test (with paperwork) will be required for them to attend Pursuit Camp.
-If your student has been around someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 within a 6-foot distance and without wearing a mask, will be asked to not attend Pursuit Camp. Should they have a negative test for Covid since the event or a positive for antibodies, then the student will be allowed to attend Pursuit Camp.
Safety Precautions Upon Arrival and While Traveling
-When your student arrives at HBC we will take their temperature. If they have a 100.3 temperature or higher when we take their temperature, they will not be allowed to go to Pursuit Camp
-When we arrive at Pursuit Camp, your student will be required to get their temperature checked again. Any camper who temps 100.3 or higher will be asked to wait 20 minutes and then will get their temperature retaken. If their temperature is still 100.3, they will not be allowed to attend camp. 
-Hand sanitization will be given out during registration at HBC, WOL, and on the bus. 
-Face masks must be worn during HBC and WOL registration, while we are traveling on the bus, and when we make stops.
Safety Precautions While at Pursuit Camp
-Temperatures will be taken Friday night and Saturday night while at camp
-During meetings, hand sanitizer will be given out, seating will be by cabin and each cabin will be 6ft apart from other cabins, and meeting rooms will be disinfected after every meeting.
-During meals, hand sanitizer will be given out, meals will be served family-style, and the dining hall will be disinfected after every meal. 
-Games will be geared toward health and safety.
-The Health Center will be available for concerns and health and safety
-Temperatures will taken again when everyone leaves camp.

2. The deadline for the REQUIRED WOL health form is January 18th
The WOL health form has been sent out twice via email so you should have received an email from WOL with this link. However, if you did not receive this link or if you need me to send it again, please email me, Elizabeth Huggins, at

3WOL Camp checks for head lice before anyone is allowed to enter the camp.If you have been exposed to lice within the past 30 days, please email and make us aware of this. (We do not want your student to not be accepted into camp)

4. We are still evaluating meal stops. We will definitely be stopping at four Love’s Truck stops, throughout the trip for restroom and snack breaks. Since these stops have various fast food restaurants within their store, we will definitely stop for lunch but we are not sure about breakfast yet. Due to various changing restrictions, this could change so we might require packed meals as the date gets closer. For now, please plan on bringing spending money for meals and bring packaged snacks for the bus.

5. DO NOT forget to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and a small suitcase or duffel bag. You can find the packing list HERE

6. You must arrive at HBC on Friday, January 29th at 12 AM for registration. We will depart from HBC at 1 AM. We will arrive back at HBC on Monday, February 1st at 1 AM. Registration is in the Senior High Room. You  MUST bring any medication you use with you when you arrive at HBC for registration. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Elizabeth Huggins ( We are excited to see how the Lord will work through Pursuit Camp this year!