Student Ministries Parent 411- October 19

Important Information

Worship Night Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night is worship night, so make sure to arrive early because we will begin right at 6:45 PM! After we worship together, Pastor Kent will be continuing the “Unwavering” series. He will be teaching from 2 Timothy 3 and will be looking at the reality of wrestling with questions, walking through spiritual warfare and worldly difficulty, and the need to know, internalize, and ultimately stand for the truth of the Gospel.

Here are some questions to consider with your family:

-Do you think America is a “Christian nation”? Why or why not? (Caution: Don’t turn this into a political back and forth but evaluate if you ask this question what makes a nation “Christian”)
-Have you ever questioned your own faith and the beliefs of Christianity? Where have you wrestled most with God in those doctrines?
-Where have you found internalizing Scripture (hiding it in your heart) to be helpful?
-Why do you think some “walk away” from Christianity?

Event Updates

Reverb Registration is still open!

WOL Reverb is an all-night event packed with tons of fun late-night activities, including the Jump Park, a LU Hockey game, a rally and pizza party, and teaching from a WOL speaker! Leaders and students are invited to join this fun and action-packed event!

Event Details
Dates: November 5th-6th (Arrive at HBC at 5:45 PM for registration on Friday night. We will arrive back at HBC Saturday morning at 6 AM)
-Standard Cost:
 Students: $55
Leaders: $25
FREE if you earned WOL scholarship for the 2020-2021 year! (If you earned WOL scholarship last year, we will apply your reward on our end, so no code is needed.)

-If you haven’t already, please fill out the required HBC Medical Form HERE.
-Addition required medical release forms will be sent out via email when we get closer to the date.
-Bring some extra spending money. A pizza dinner will be provided but it is served later in the evening. Concessions will be available for purchase throughout the night. 

The Early-Bird price for Reverb has ended so the cost has increased. This price deadline will end on October 27th.
TOMORROW NIGHT is the LAST day to purchase and pick up WOL Quiet Times!

We have two types of quiet time books available for purchase. Please read the descriptions below and click on the attached link to access the inside of each book. 

Student- $20
Parent- $20
Small Group Leader- $10

Interactive Quiet Time– Recommended for 7th-8th grade students. Provides a more structured approach to quiet time and prayer by including guiding questions based on scripture.

Commentary Quiet Time–  Recommended for 9th-12th grade students. Gives students a daily Scripture reading and commentary, a place to journal what they learned from the passage, and a section to write personal application each day.

You can pick up your student’s book at the Info Center Desk tomorrow night. Please contact Elizabeth Huggins ( for any questions. 

You can purchase your book HERE!