Student Ministries Parent 411- September 21st

Important Information

Youth Tomorrow Night is a WORSHIP NIGHT!

We will begin worship night right at 6:45 PM in the Senior High room, so make sure to arrive early! After we worship together in song, we will continue the Big God series. This week we will be looking at God’s unchanging character (His immutability) and how it is shown by His faithfulness. We will study Psalm 102, a psalm that highlights the real grief of mankind, yet the greater reality that a steady God will remain faithful to see His people through their affliction, and thus show Himself to be faithful to His promise to “never leave nor forsake”, and other promises we find in Scripture.

Here are some questions to consider with your family:
-Why is the understanding of a “Big God” important for us?
-Why is the understanding of a personal God important for us?
-If God isn’t changing, then that means every promise He’s ever made He has already completed or is committed to complete. What are some promises we can hold on to from His Word? How does that help us THIS week (again, theology MUST be practical)
Summer 2022 Mission Trip Applications are OPEN!

We are so excited to announce this year’s two summer mission trips to Seattle and New Mexico! Both trips will be during the week of July 7th-15th, 2022!

The DEADLINE to apply for either of these mission trips is THIS Sunday, September 26th! Apply HERE now!

Upcoming Events

Reverb Registration is OPEN!

WOL Reverb is an all-night event packed with tons of fun late-night activities, including the Jump Park, a LU Hockey game, a rally and pizza party, and teaching from a WOL speaker! Leaders and students are invited to join this fun and action-packed event!

Event Details
Dates: November 5th-6th (Arrive at HBC at 5:45 PM for registration on Friday night. We will arrive back at HBC Saturday morning at 6 AM)
 Students: $50
Leaders: $20
FREE if you earned WOL scholarship for the 2020-2021 year! (If you earned WOL scholarship last year, we will apply your reward on our end, so no code is needed.)

-If you haven’t already, please fill out the required HBC Medical Form HERE.
-Addition required medical release forms will be sent out via email when we get closer to the date.
-Bring some extra spending money. A pizza dinner will be provided but it is served later in the evening. Concessions will be available for purchase throughout the night. 

The deadline to register for REVERB is October 6th! 

We are having TWO Trivia Nights- One for Jr High and One for Sr High!

Both Trivia Nights will be fun nights filled with friends, snacks and drinks, and tons of trivia questions from all different categories, such as Disney, sports, food, US facts, and more! Come ready to win some fun prizes!

Jr High Trivia Night
October 1st from 6-8:30 PM
HBC Chapel
Register HERE

Sr High Trivia Night

October 2nd from 6-8:30 PM
HBC Chapel
Register HERE


Required Media and Medical Release Form

Parents, please make sure to fill out the 2021/2022 Media and Medical Release Form for your student as soon as possible! This form is required for all of our events this year and, once it is filled out, it covers the entire ministry year!

Please email Elizabeth ( if you have any questions!
WOL Quiet Time Registration is Open!

Registration for WOL Quiet Time books is now open! We have two types of quiet time books available for purchase. Please read the descriptions below and click on the attached link to access the inside of each book. 

Student- $20
Parent- $20
Small Group Leader- $10

Interactive Quiet Time– Recommended for 7th-8th grade students. Provides a more structured approach to quiet time and prayer by including guiding questions based on scripture.

Commentary Quiet Time–  Recommended for 9th-12th grade students. Gives students a daily Scripture reading and commentary, a place to journal what they learned from the passage, and a section to write personal application each day.

You can pick up your student’s book at the Info Center Desk on Wednesday nights! Please contact Elizabeth Huggins ( for any questions. 

You can purchase your book HERE!

Fireside Chats with the Fox Family

Join us on this Wednesday night as we begin to open up the conversation about the doctrines of our faith and the call to know them and to stand firm in them. We will too in this short time aim to give practical application as to how we stand up for our faith, all in hopes of bringing honor to Jesus most of all!

WOL Camp Announcement

Please watch this NEW Summer Camp Update from Pastor Kent.

-We are now going to camp this summer! The day after we made the decision to not go, the Governor of Florida decided to lift all restrictions on youth camp making it possible for us to go while still remaining safe.

-To ensure the safety of all students and leaders, WOL and HBC are still implementing protective measures. Details are explained in the video.

-Register now at

-$20 deposit fee is still required to secure your spot, even if you receive scholarship