Student Ministries 411- May 24

Important Information

Last Day of Small Groups Tomorrow Night!

Pastor Nathan will be finishing our “Tick Tock” series, looking at the Unwasted Life. He will be discussing Ephesians 11-12, highlighting the necessity of enjoying life responsibly at a young age, living in light of your Creator now, and fearing and obeying God every step of every day. Truly, following Jesus in obedience to Him out of a love for Him is the unwasted/fruitful life…and I’d argue the full life that is the opposite of “boring”!

To celebrate the end of the school year, we will have an ice cream bar and a time to hang out with everyone after the lesson!!

Here are some potential small group leader questions:
-What would an unwasted summer look like?
-If you were to look at past pictures of yourself, where have you grown? If you were to look at future pictures of yourself, where would you hope to be? How would you get there?

Event Updates

Rising 7th Grade Meet and Greet and Promotion Sunday!

Rising 7th graders and parents, you are invited to a Meet and Greet with Pastor Nathan Fox on May 25 in Korea directly after Awana Awards ends! This will be a brief meeting where you will get to meet Pastor Nathan and hear about summer ministry!

ALSO, Promotion Sunday is on May 29! This is the first Sunday where 7th grade is invited to join in our youth Sunday service, and we are having a pancake breakfast to celebrate!
WOL Scholarship Deadline

As a reminder, WOL Scholarship is due on May 31! Tomorrow is the last night to turn in points during small group time but if you earn any points after that, please email Elizabeth at!