Student Ministries 411- November 30

Important Information

Youth Tomorrow Night // 6:30 PM in the Senior High Room

Tomorrow night, we are starting a new series called “King of Humility,” which will focus on the humility of Jesus as displayed in His coming to earth. his week specifically I will be looking at the term “God with Us”, breaking down 1 John 4:9 specifically. I will be looking at God, looking at us, and drawing this unbelievable thought that God would want to be WITH us. In so coming to earth, Jesus took steps of humility to make the love of God not a mere theoretical, but something tangible for us.

Questions to Consider with Your Family

-How do you see yourself (good and bad)?
-How do you think God sees you?
-What does the Bible say about how God views you?
-What can be implied of God that He would want to be WITH you?

Event Updates

Youth Christmas Party Registration is OPEN

Students and leaders, join us for this year’s Christmas party, “Not So Silent Night!” This event will be filled with a variety of fun activities, including a spoons tournament, a live Clue game, a Christmas cookie competition, and a gift exchange! 

Dinner will be provided and we will be serving Walking Tacos and Mac and Cheese!

If you plan to participate in the “Roll, Swap, and Steal” gift exchange or the cookie decorating competition, you will need to bring a gift that is $10 or less and you will need to make and decorate cookies prior to the party and bring them with you! 

Date: December 10
Time: 6-10 PM
Location: HBC Chapel
Cost: $5

The registration deadline is NEXT Wednesday, December 8. Register HERE!
Save the Date for Pursuit Camp

We will be going to WOL Pursuit Camp from January 28- January 31st! More details to come, but make sure to mark your calendars for this fun weekend! Registration will open on December 1st and will close on December 31st.

Fireside Chats with the Fox Family

Join us on this Wednesday night as we begin to open up the conversation about the doctrines of our faith and the call to know them and to stand firm in them. We will too in this short time aim to give practical application as to how we stand up for our faith, all in hopes of bringing honor to Jesus most of all!

WOL Camp Announcement

Please watch this NEW Summer Camp Update from Pastor Kent.

-We are now going to camp this summer! The day after we made the decision to not go, the Governor of Florida decided to lift all restrictions on youth camp making it possible for us to go while still remaining safe.

-To ensure the safety of all students and leaders, WOL and HBC are still implementing protective measures. Details are explained in the video.

-Register now at

-$20 deposit fee is still required to secure your spot, even if you receive scholarship