While COVID-19 may be causing us to social distance, this does not mean that we have to stop being the church. In fact, in a world wrestling with uncertainty it is our responsibility as followers of Christ to bring the greatest message of hope this our world. This starts in our communities.

What We CAN Do To Be A Blessing During COVID-19 (and beyond)

Your Neighborhood

  • Pray for them by name, you may be able to find those names (if you don’t already know) at This site will show you their names on a map so that you can pray as you do a prayer walk.
  • Be a blessing (We are blessed so that we can …). Drop off a gift of baked goods or other uplifting items with a note introducing yourself. Include an encouraging Bible verse and let them know that you have prayed for them.
  • Be visible & available. During this time of isolation, people really desire personal interaction, they may be more interested now than ever to get to know you. Many of us now have something new in common, we are home more than ever. Take slow walks, not fast purposeful speed walks, rather slow purposeful inviting walks where someone may “just happen to come outside” so you can say hello. Chat with 6’ rule, ask how they are holding up, let them know that you are praying for the families in the neighborhood so what specifically can you pray for them, write it down or make a note in your phone.   
  • Print and leave a card offering to help.   You can print and use this card already prepared for you. 
  • Join your neighborhood’s online community in FaceBook and and leave a post there of your willingness to help.
  • Call, text, email the neighbors that you already know.


Outside Your Neighborhood

  • Be a blessing to our Local Outreach Partner Opportunities
    • Parkview Community Mission is looking for people on Tuesdays and Fridays anytime between 10 am and 4 pm to deliver food boxes to elderly folks during this COVID-19 isolation. To help in this worthy effort, please contact Pastor Kevin by emailing him at  
    • Freedom 424 - Runners and walkers can participate in the “Run 4 Their Lives Lynchburg 5k” on April 11 @ 9:ooam. Due to COVID-19, the race is now a VIRTUAL race--run/walk a 5K in your neighborhood or on your own treadmill. This is a big fundraiser for our local outreach partner Freedom 424. Go to to register, donate, and share on Facebook. 
  • Donate Blood.  Governor Northam emphasized the need and encouraged us to do so as the supply is critically low. Supply is low because most/all the mobile blood drives have been canceled but the fixed locations remain open, by appointment. To schedule a donation, go to They also have a critical shortage of volunteers, you can go to the same website to see how you might be a blessing.