Special Announcement: Our First Service Back

We are very excited that this Sunday will be our first Sunday back. In order to allow for as many people as possible, we have decided to have service outside!

Due to the logistics of traffic flow, parking, and seating arrangements we ask that you do three things:

1.Watch this video from Pastor Nathan. Take time to watch this video so that you are informed and prepared for Sunday.

2. SIGN UP!!! Due to the limited space, it is crucial that all families sign up so that we can be prepared. You can sign up here – https://hbclynchburg.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/423308

3. Be gracious to everyone. This is new territory for all of us and it will be important for us to show patience and grace to one another.

HBC Online Service: Trust God – Part 4

This week Pastor Nathan opens Joshua 3 & 4 and shares about God’s power that is displayed at the Jordan River. What is it about the crossing of the Jordan that helps us take heart in the power of our God? Grab your Bibles and join us Sunday morning.

Also, come early for a special Mother’s Day presentation from our preschool kids during the countdown and a special song from the Rejoice choir!

HBC Online Service: Trust God – Part 3

This week Pastor Nathan opens the book of Joshua and reads about the spies who encounter an unlikely helper in the prostitute Rahab. How does she fit into the story of the Israelites and what can this historical event teach us about our gracious God?

Also, don’t miss the countdown that features the drawings of Joshua created by HBC’s Adventure Kids!