Monday Motivation: Easter Week

Holy Week. A time to soak up and remember all that Jesus did for us. He came, lived a sinless life, and then died for our sins.  Each and every one of us. He didn’t count our trespasses against us. We needed Him to die on the cross to atone (or cover) our sins. What hope we have in our future with Him!

Christ, on the cross, took on God’s wrath for our sin.  He bore it all. Jesus allowed God the Father to pour out his wrath on Him. He allowed our sin to be put in His name. Hallelujah, it didn’t stop there. He didn’t just take our sin upon himself, he took our sin and gave us his righteousness. Christ’s love is beyond what we can feel or imagine. His love is something we don’t deserve, but something God wants us to know so deeply. 

As we think of the price He paid, what Jesus gave up on the cross for each one of us, ask yourself as you meditate on his word this week: Is he worthy? Is he worthy of our time? Most of us have an abundance of time at home with our kids right now. Kids that we have been entrusted to disciple. What better time than now to take this week leading up to Easter to slowly read as a family through the days leading up and following Jesus’ crucifixion. 

ACTION STEPS with your kids: Each day this week, read Matthew 26-28. Here is a resource that can guide you when reading and studying scripture with your kids. This is a resource that you can use no matter what the passage. 

If reading and talking about scripture is new to your family, now is a great time to start! Tackle these three chapters of scripture in small chunks if that’s helpful. Before beginning, pray and ask the Lord to help his word come alive to you and invite him to work on each of your hearts through reading and talking about the passage.

Read and talk through a few sections during breakfast, lunch, and dinner or before naps and bedtime. Know this, even when we feel like we’re fumbling talking through a passage, the Holy Spirit is at work! Be obedient to Deuteronomy 6:7, “You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down and when you rise,” and trust the Lord with their hearts. 

We are praying for you and your families this week. May this Easter not pass like every other year. May it be a year we point our kids continually to the HOPE we have in Jesus’ deep love and sacrifice for each of us.

Suggested Pacing Guide:
Monday: Matthew 26: 1-25
Tuesday: Matthew 26: 26-46
Wednesday: Matthew 26: 47-75
Thursday: Matthew 27: 1-26
Friday: Matthew 27: 27-44
Saturday: Matthew 27: 45-66
Sunday: Matthew 28:1-20

Friday Family Fun: God Controls the Orange

Kids, can you help Pastor Mike with something? See if you can keep an eye on the orange…and also make sure his monkey’s don’t get out of control.

Parents, today’s devo touches on the idea that God is in control while also encouraging kids to forgive others during this time where we are all isolated for a long time. Click the link below to view/download the worksheet and continue the conversation throughout the weekend.


Monday Motivation: March 30

Who wants to be like Jesus?

I bet if you are reading this, your answer is, “I do!”  A characteristic of Jesus that people are drawn to, is his gentleness. When you think of someone who is gentle you probably think of someone who lets you go first, someone who talks in a kind voice, or someone who uses their hands to help others.  

Gentleness is one of the fruits of the Spirit. When we are gentle with our brothers or sisters, it is evidence of the Lord’s work in our hearts. We don’t always want to speak kindly when your sister tells a lie about you or when your brother breaks your favorite toy, BUT when we ask God to help us have gentleness and choose to speak kindly, we are allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts. Proverbs teach us a very practical way to show gentleness.

Look at Proverbs 15:1. It says, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” A soft answer means talking kindly, not yelling or screaming at one another. Wrath is a really, really bad kind of anger. It’s not fun to be around someone who has a really bad kind of anger. But GOOD NEWS! In this verse, it tells us that by gently talking to someone, it turns away their anger. 

An example of a harsh word could be yelling at someone when you don’t like what they have done. When someone is yelling at you, it makes you become angry right along with them. On the other hand, when someone speaks in a soft or kind way to you, it doesn’t make you feel as angry.

ACTION STEPS with your kid(s): As a family, memorize Proverbs 15:1. Then, when you feel like speaking unkindly to someone, STOP! Two ways to help yourself respond gently:
1. Before you speak unkindly, in your mind or out loud, say, “A soft answer turns away wrath.” 
2. Count to 3 and then talk in a calm voice.

Friday Family Fun!

Hey HBC Families! We know that being stuck at home can be tough at times BUT it is also an amazing opportunity to connect with each other and have some fun!

Here are some suggestions for some family fun this weekend.

  • Watch & Play! Watch the video from Pastor Mike and then print a copy of the handout (download) to do with the kids. Talk about things you have lost and then found again and then play a game of hide and seek.
  • Family Variety Show! Make plans for each person in the family to demonstrate their talents in a living room variety show! You can even record parts of it and upload it in the comments so everyone else can see!

March 23: Monday Motivation

“Don’t be selfish” seems to be one of those phrases that is said often when you have kids. Especially when you are home with each other more than normal. The opportunities abound daily to turn your child’s heart away from their sinful nature of serving self and towards serving others.

As important as it is to not be selfish, the Bible calls us to so much more. We are called to put others’ needs before our own AND do it with a willing spirit.

In Luke 10:25-37, Jesus tells the parable of The Good Samaritan to help us understand what it means to put others before ourselves.

Read Luke 10:25-28. How does Jesus say we can have eternal life?

In verse 28, we learn what it means to be selfless, “love your neighbor as yourself.” The lawyer asks Jesus who his neighbor is. So Jesus tells a parable, or story, to help the lawyer understand.

Read Luke 10: 29-37. Having read the parable, who is your neighbor?

A Samaritan would have been the LAST person on earth a Jew would have expected to help him. So when the crowd heard Jesus say that a Samaritan helped this man, they were shocked!

How did the Samaritan go above and beyond to help the man who was beaten?

Jesus was showing them that loving their neighbors means loving people that they may not even like or are not kind to you. True selflessness is putting your neighbor above yourself, and if we are to do that with people we don’t know, how much more should we practice this within our own families?

ACTION STEP with Your Child: Look for ways today to love your family. On a sticky note or a scrap piece of paper, write down one person in your family that you can love well today. Now, pray before you go do anything else, asking Jesus to help you to be selfless and love them. Now, go put that sticky note somewhere safe and pray for help to love them everyday this week.

Fun Activity: Make cards for Nurses and Dr’s and drop them off in the box on the Library book return dropbox.