Transforming Grace Book Study

Transforming Grace


Thank you for watching the video from Pastor Nathan.  We are super excited about this opportunity to go through this book as a church this Fall.  We are asking you to prayerfully consider using this book as the curriculum in your DC’s through the Fall.  Here are some details for you to consider and pray through:
  • We have purchased a book for each of you DC Shepherd’s to pick up here at the church anytime this week or also on Sunday.
  • There are eight study guides throughout the book that could easily be made into 8-weeks of lessons or more depending if all the content of each study guide could be covered each week.
  • For those classes that want to join us in this study, we are targeting an October 4th start date.  That would allow 11 Sundays for you to complete the 8 study guides between October 4th and December 20th.  To have a few weeks extra would be helpful in case some of the content from that weeks study guide would be better covered over two weeks.
  • Pastor Jeff’s DC will begin this study on September 20th and will provide a one page study guide summary based on his weekly teaching to help you as teachers process the material each week.
  • We have purchased a large amount of books that can be made available to those in your class.  The books regularly cost $15.99, but we will make them available to anyone that wants one for $5.