Global Update: Cambodia

In this video, Jen Srail shares an update on the COVID-19 situation in Cambodia and of the economic hardships that the people are facing as a result. Despite the challenges, the Lord has allowed for continued ministry efforts and open doors!

Lunch with Nathan: Ruth 1:1-5

Today we are rewinding to our previous study of Ruth. This study was launched at the beginning of COVID and provides incredible truths that are just as relevant today as we see a God who is faithful in the midst of our personal struggles.

Open up your Bible and join us for a study in the book of Ruth. Today Pastor Nathan looks at the opening of this short, historical story about God’s providence in the midst of tragedy.

Deacon Nominees

We are excited to introduce to you Harvey Hartman, Jim Vernon, Nick Jensen, and Steve Dobler. These four men who have been a great blessing to HBC and are currently being considered for deacons. Take a moment to hear their testimonies in preparation for our upcoming business meeting and to simply be encouraged in God’s gracious love.